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Data Management

Data from the Source

Upload files from your PC. Glacyr supports all major file formats. Or attach an external data source for continuous learning and join a growing list of companies that use Glacyr to train and evaluate models on their mission-critical data.

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Model Designer

Models in a Drag and a Drop

Use our beginner-friendly machine learning designer with built-in modules for commonly used network architectures. The designer comes with a smart assistant that automatically validates your model and suggests improvements when possible.

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Self-Adjusting Experiments

Stop Waiting for Results

Time is the most valuable commodity. Don't spend it on waiting for iterative experiments to complete. Glacyr automatically determines semantic changes in your code-driven experimental setup and efficiently recomputes affected results accordingly.

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Continuous Evaluation

Measure Success

Continuously monitor the performance of models and data-driven algorithms built with Glacyr. Set up competitions, compare several implementations to find out what works best and use anti-drift to ensure performance on real-life data matches expectations from training data.

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One-Click Deploy

Deploy to Your App

Use machine learning to create actual business value. Integrate data-driven algorithms built with Glacyr in a single line of code on every major embedded, mobile, native and web platform.

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